• We understand it is sometimes difficult to change dentists, so we will try to be as transparent in our processes as possible to make you feel welcome and comfortable at your first appointment.

  • For an adult this is generally a 45 minute appointment, during which the dentist will assess your whole mouth to ensure that all is well or if you require treatment. If appropriate, the dentist will takeĀ x-rays at this appointment. On request, the appointment can be completed with a clean.

  • If further work is suggested by the dentist, a written treatment plan will be provided for you, which includes all costs. You can take this away and think about how you would like to proceed.

  • We will work with you to put together the best treatment plan for you, including the various options available to you and, if needed, finance or payment plans to make that treatment possible.

  • We want the best for you and your mouth and we hope to be there to care for you and your mouth for many years to come.


  • Dr Liza and Dr Ray both have young children and are very good at easing the minds of both the little ones and their parents.

  • The first appointment may be a meet and greet, just to get the little one comfortable. Treatment may be offered but we prefer to go at the pace of the child as we want them to have a healthy relationship with dentistry through to adulthood. Nervous children have the option of happy gas if they need it. We can work with specialist paediatric dentists to manage more complex cases. Our focus is on making sure your little ones have only positive experiences at the dentist.