At Mt Eliza Dental Centre, we have a lot of experience with orthodontics, both using braces and Invisalign.

Conventional Orthodontics (braces)

  • The most common way to straighten teeth in children or teenagers, however it is also something adults can have done – at any age.

  • This is a very conservative method of treating misaligned, spaced or crowded teeth as it involves no tooth structure removal.

Our orthodontics can treat tooth alignment and bite problems using braces, plates, and functional appliances, to bring your teeth and jaws into proper alignment, giving you both a heathy bite and a straight smile.

Many tooth or jaw alignment problems (malocclusions) can be treated more easily and effectively at any early age.

Malocclusions that require early orthodontic assessment:

  • thumb sucking or long term use of a dummy which can lead to an open bite

  • deep bite

  • narrow jaws

  • lower jaw too far back, upper jaw too far forward (giving the appearance of ‘buck teeth’)

  • cross-bites (lower teeth sitting out in front of upper teeth)

  • upper jaw too far back, lower jaw too far forward (reverse overbite)

  • severe crowding

  • early loss of baby teeth resulting in no space for erupting adult teeth

Records need to be taken to analyse your teeth and jaws, allowing us to accurately diagnose the cause of the problem, and give you the best treatment options.

You are never too old to have straight teeth, we have given people in their 60s and 70s a wonderful straight smile after a life-time of crooked teeth!

An alternative and invisible orthodontic technique, very popular amongst adults and teenagers whose lifestyle prevents them from having visible braces, is now available through Invisalign.