At Mt Eliza Dental Centre, we have seen huge changes in people’s appearances by just whitening their teeth. Dental whitening in the surgery, or using take home trays, can give a real lift to the colour of your teeth. It is a safe procedure if undertaken by a dentist.

The process involves firstly assessing if you are a suitable candidate to proceed. Once this is established, an impression is taken of the teeth, and a custom tray is fabricated. The special whitening gel is placed in these trays and inserted, either at home for a few nights, or during a 1 hour appointment. Instructions are given to further whiten your teeth at home during the following 1-4 weeks. You might experience some sensitivity during and after this process and it is important to avoid foods/drinks with strong colours while whitening, to maximise your results.

Some types of tooth discolouration are harder to eliminate than others, we can advise you when you see us for an assessment, as to how quickly you can expect to see results.